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How To to squeeze more profit out of your exit traffic With Exit Popups

  New Technology Knows The Very Moment Someone Try's To Leave Your Website And Stops Them Right In Their Tracks With A Profit Generating Unblockable Exit Popup!

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From: The Desk of Barry Jennings

Dear Marketer,

Wouldn't you agree getting traffic is one of the essential tasks all internet marketers must do? Of course!

What bugs me is that after all the hard work of getting people to a website, the majority of them won't stick around long enough to have made the work worth while.

What if you could get a second chance at all these website runaways?  What if you had a way to pull their attention back to your site, to capture their email, or give them a special discount or alternative offer before they're gone for good?

Do you think that would help you increase your profitsOf course it would!

Well I've developed an awesome, easy-to-use system that allows you to do just that...

See 'Exit Profit Generator' In Action, Just Try To Close
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'My Exit Profit Generator With 

Master Resale Rights

my exit profit generator

My Exit Profit Generator is a small php exit script you can use to generate mini 'exit traffic marketers' for as many websites you want.  As soon as the EPG gets a sense someone is about to leave your site it jumps into action, funnelling the traffic where you want it to go before its gone forever.

You can generate an infinite number of these "mini marketers" and put them on any web page you want.  All you have to do is add one line of JavaScript code to the web page.  So easy to do, even a caveman can do it! :)

Once you have your HTML ready for your popup, it will only take about 30 seconds!  And not to worry, full directions are provided.

Step One

Simply choose what size you want the popup screen to be, what color background and border you want for the popup, what URL you want to load when it pops up and what color you want behind the popup.  Then simply press the button!


Step Two

Click the "Test" button to see how your popup will look on your site.  If you like it, now just copy the generated code and paste it in between the <head> </head> tags on your web page.


That's it, you're done!  Now all you do is just upload your edited page to your server and watch as your mini "exit marketers" start increasing your profits immediately!


Here are just some of the ways you will benefit
when you start using 'My Exit Profit Generator' today!

my exit profit generator
Build Your Opt-In List - Mention whatever free gifts you give away
to get more people to opt in to your list
b1 Promoting Affiliate Programs - Make sure everyone knows about the latest affiliate program you're promoting just as they try to leave your site.
b1 Special Offers - Offer a discount or additional bonus to encourage those who were on the fence to order your products, your conversions will jump thru the roof!
b1 Pre-built Salesmen - Give your affiliates EPG code they can add to their websites to promote your products.  They're happy because they increase their commissions, and when they make more money, you do too.
b1 Exit Surveys - Ask your visitors why they are leaving and you'll get all the information you need to improve your offer and increase your profits!
b1 Building Anticipation - Get people buzzing about an upcoming promotion of yours.  Give them a little taster of what they can expect to see soon.
b1 Audio / Video Messages - Load audio or video messages to remind your prospects of your products main benefit or what they stand to lose by not taking action immediately.
 . can put My Exit Profit Generator to work on any website in under 30 seconds.  After that, it will work for you everyday, recycling your traffic and channelling it back into your marketing funnel!

Plus You're Also Covered By My "No Questions Asked" 30 Day Guarantee!


Take me up on my offer and if you're not completely thrilled in the first ten minutes then I insist that you email me here and I will personally refund every penny of your investment.


Or better yet...


Try it out for a full month. Go through the killer bonus till your heart's content and if you're still not satisfied for any reason or no reason at all, simple send me a quick email here and I will refund every penny of your order!

So how much would you pay for this vital tool that will immediately start adding extra profits to your bottom line?

 I have decided to test the water and price this product for a one time fee of $7.00, not only that, if you're one of the next 100 people to order, you'll get an instant free upgrade to Master Resale Rights!

Why Am I Selling This For So Little? Are You Insane!?

$97? $67?  Well no, its worth MUCH more than that!  But since this is brand new,Jump on this while the price is still at such a great bargain. One of the suggestions I've heard many time is to simply offer the huge package at $97 and access to the software for $27 a month.

Depending on how my monthly sales and split testing go, I may do just that, but if you take action now, you'll lock in the lowest price possible and start leveraging the power of this incredible software and bonuses! 

Yes, Barry! I'll Take It All!

 Yes! I want to order "My Exit Profit Generator" for only $7.00 I understand that when I order I will receive an instant free upgrade to Master Resale Rights.
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Requirements:  The software will install in minutes, and full step-by-step instructions are included.  No MySQL or database configuration required!  Sorry, but so far, this exit script will not work on sites that use SSI calls.

P.S. Don't forget, you're getting immediate access to My Exit Profit Generator, including Master Resale Rights.

P.P.S. Also, you're covered 100% by my no questions asked guarantee for a full thirty days, so if you decide you don't want it for any reason or no reason at all, just email me here and I'll refund every penny right away!

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To your success,

Barry Jennings

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